A Few More Interesting Reads

Good afternoon, I just found this excellent article describing Schlafly’s evolving presence in St. Louis area with its continued success and Budweiser’s 2008 sale to InBev. The article goes much further than just an expose on Schlafly and touches the expanding St. Louis beer industry and culture. “The goal still has to be 40 breweries, because that was the number before prohibition” now that would be a site to see! The article also looks at social media’s place within the business. http://www.thestreet.com/story/11491765/1/the-beer-dance-how-schlafly-craft-beer-shook-up-st-louis.html?cm_ven=GOOGLEN

In March I wrote an article about Hoppy Wheat Beers and White IPA’s here are two more examples of this trend. Green Flash and Founders are teaming up to create a Linchpin White IPA and Springfield’s own Mother’s Brewing Company has recently released their Sandy Wheat which is described as a hopped up wheat beer and I look forward to trying soon.

Thanks in large part to breweries such as Lucky Town Brewing and many other dedicated beer fans, Mississippians can now purchase beer up to 8% alcohol by weight (the previous limit was 5%)! http://news.yahoo.com/miss-gov-bryant-signs-law-allow-stronger-beer-183210964.html

I do not see this method taking off amongst the craft beer world, but here is an interesting new possibility in keeping ones beer cold; beer foam. http://news.yahoo.com/soft-serve-frozen-foam-keep-beer-colder-longer-141500876.html

Perennial Abraxas (Review)

Perennial Artisan Ales is a new brewery in Saint Louis that started in late 2010 or early 2011. Boy, are they making a splash! I thought 20 dollars for a bottle of beer from a brewery that is less than a year old was pretty audacious. Then, I tried the Abraxas and my feelings instantly reversed. The Abraxas was phenomenal. It pours an thick oily black with a robust mocha head. The nose contained a soft roasty aroma with hints of pepper and anise. On the pallet was where the real magic happened. This beer is delicious, there is a strong anise component that is balanced perfectly by a lot of bitter chocolate. It has a lot of other things going on including some cinnamon sweetness. I did not taste a lot of chilis, but that could be due to the fact that I am constantly eating dangerously spicy foods. The Abraxas is extremely well crafted and finishes really smoothly and creamy. It is an absolute marvel, get it before the rest of the beer community catches on!

On a side note, I am proudly from Kansas City and a little biased. However, the Saint Louis brewing community has a lot going on. I think Schlafly is an excellent brewery. I like O’Fallon’s seasonals (I know that some of these, were and may still be brewed in Wisconsin) and the 5 Day IPA. With, Perennial as well as several other new breweries that are under development, some great beer bars and liquor stores such as The Wine and Cheese Place and Friar Tuck’s, Saint Louis has the makings of becoming an even greater beer city. It does not seem right to talk about St Louis beer and not mention Budweiser. So there, I mentioned it.