List of Missouri Breweries/Brewpubs

Spring is a great time for beer related travel. Whether live in Missouri and are looking for short trip or find yourself in Missouri and want some good local beers, I hope this list helps. I am sure I have missed some important breweries or brewpubs, therefore, please feel free to inform me of anything I left out and I will update this list accordingly. Feel free to mention your favorite Missouri Breweries/Brew Pubs as well.

Kansas City Area

-75th Street Brewery

- Boulevard Brewing *This is the largest craft brewery in Missouri and the 12th best selling craft brewery in the United States

- McCoy’s Public House

- Weston Brewing Company (Note: Flying Monkey Brewery also operates out of the Weston Brewing Company)

- Granite City Food & Brewery (Note, there are two in the Kansas City area, one is on the Kansas City in Olathe the other is in the Zona Rosa Shopping Center in the Northland)

- Gordon Biersch

- Doodle Brewing Company

Saint Louis Area

- Morgan Street Brewery

- Saint Louis Brewery (better known as Schlafly) *This is one of the largest craft breweries in the state, also owns a great restaurant called Schlafly Bottleworks.

- O’Fallon Brewery

- Anheuser-Busch Inc. *The largest brewer in the world.

- Perennial Artisan Ales

- Urban Chestnut Brewing Company

- Square One Brewery

- Kirkwood Station Brewing Company

- The Civil Life Brewing Company

- Griesedieck Brothers Brewery Co.

- Trailhead Brewing Company

- Six Row Brewing Company

- 4 Hands Brewing Company

- Amalgamated Brewing Co.: The Stable (The website does not currently work.)

- Cathedral Square Brewery

- Buffalo Brewing Company

- Ferguson Brewing Co.

- Granite City Food & Brewery

Springfield Area

- Springfield Brewing Company

- Mother’s Brewing Company

- Little Yeoman Brewery (in Cabool)

- Charlie’s Steak, Ribs & Ale

Southeast Missouri

- Crown Valley Brewing & Distilling Co. (Ste. Genevieve)

- Buckner Brewing (Cape Girardeau)

- Charleville Winery and Microbrewery (Ste. Genevieve)

Central and Other Parts of Missouri

- Piney River Brewing Company (Piney River Area)

- Tin Mill Brewery (Hermann)

- Horseshoe Bend Brewing Company (Ozarks)

- 5th Street Brewpub (Sedalia)

- Native Stone Winery & Bull Rock Brewery (Jefferson City)

- Prison Brews (Jefferson City)

- Flat Branch Pub and Brewing (Columbia)

- Broadway Brewery & Restaurant (Columbia)

- Augusta Brewing Co. (Augusta)


Lucky Town Brewing Company

I love the idea of crowdfunding. It is essentially a way for companies or visionaries to secure funding for projects, by using soliciting a bunch of small donations from interested parties, instead of more traditional means such as high interest loans and so on. It also provides an opportunity for people who do not have a lot of money, such as myself, to contribute to things they feel are worthwhile. I have mentioned this funding mechanism before, concerning Horseshoe Bend Brewing Company. For anyone who remembers that post and or donated, Horseshoe Bend Brewing Company achieved their fundraising goal and production is under way! They certainly appreciate everyone’s help. Finally, the Ozarks will have their very own craft brewery!

I have found another great opportunity for those with a giving spirit and or a desire to help the craft beer revolution. Lucky Town Brewing Company is seeking to raise $20,000 (of which they have already raised over $7,000) to start a brewery in the seriously beer deprived state of Mississippi. There is a graduated perk system for donating but most importantly any dollar sent their way will be used to bring better beer to Mississippi! Their project can be found on kickstarter here . Even if you do not have a dime to spare at least take a look and wish them luck. Mississippi has some of the harshest laws concerning beer in the nation, therefore this project is especially courageous and I wish them the absolute best of luck.

Here is another neat beer related project on kickstarter, The Beer Hunter Movie. They have already reached their goal, but there are some pretty cool awards for donating. Furthermore, as I understand it much of the project is to be done on a volunteer basis. So any money they receive over $40,000 will certainly be put to good use.

Springfield, Missouri 2011 State of Beer Review

2011 has been an excellent year for beer in Springfield. I could make this article very long and still fail to mention many important Ozark beer developments. Do not worry, I have no interest in boring anyone with such things. I am merely gonna mention some of the largest beer related events of 2011 in the region.

By far the largest and most exciting development in the area was the introduction of Mother’s Brewing Company. Mother’s started out last spring and has, so far impressed me tremendously. They have a beautiful facility in downtown Springfield. On top of the aesthetics, they are making some great beer and charging very reasonable prices. I expect a lot of great things from them in 2012. Another brewery that deserves mention is Horseshoe Bend Brewing Company near the Lake of the Ozarks. Horseshoe bend has just completed a “croudsourcing” fundraising campaign in order to facilitate more production. I have not had their beer and do not suspect it will make it to Springfield in the near future, but am very glad to see their enthusiasm and desire to create good beer for the Ozarks. I wish them the best of luck in the future. I can not fail to mention that the Springfield Brewing Company recently changed ownership. Their brew master is now the owner and I see great things coming out of this. I was recently given a bottle of the Full Nelson, which is a Nelson Sauvin wheat wine and I was very impressed.

This year has also been a good year for both on and off premise beer consumption in Springfield. In 2011, Missouri saw the introduction of Green Flash Brewing Company and Stone Brewing Company which are both excellent breweries from San Diego. Firestone Walker Brewing Company and Nectar Ales, (which is one of my favorite breweries) from Paso Robles California, entered the Missouri market last spring as well. Very recently an excellent new brewery out of St. Louis, Perennial Artisan Ales, arrived on Springfield shelves. While those are certainly not all of the beers new to Missouri, in 2011, they some of the most acclaimed. With the introduction of those five breweries, Missouri’s already strong portfolio of available beers improved dramatically. Deschutes Brewery is supposed to come to Missouri early in 2012 and can not wait to see what else!

The selection on store shelves has greatly improved in 2011. I have also noticed a drastically improved tap selection at many bars. The Brown Derby Craft Beer Fest and Oktoberfest both went on and expanded in 2011. The Springfield Food and Wine Celebration added beer in 2011. Beer dinners and sit down tastings have been on the rise. The beer community in general is growing. Overall 2011 has been an excellent year for beer in Springfield and 2012 looks to be even better. Keep up the great work Springfield!

Horseshoe Bend Brewing Company

I do not even know if the beer is good, but I am always interested in seeing more development in Missouri, especially beer related. I also think the idea of crowdfunding is pretty cool and may end up using it someday. Whether you want to help out a microbrewery in Missouri or just learn a little about crowdfunding here is the link Horseshoe Bend Brewing Company.

Also, my girlfriend has gotten me some home brewing equipment for Christmas, so I will soon experience the great home brewing tradition! And I will, of course, document the successes and failures for all to see.