A Whole New Year Of Great Beer!

Happy New Year everyone! I am once again sorry for my egregious lack of activity. Selling beer around the holidays is often more than a full-time job. Finally it is done, but considering I live in a tourist/heavy snow bird area, after the new year, season apparently kicks in full swing…. To add insult to injury, the new wordpress update messed up my blog. Somehow through trial and error, I was able to delete the offending code and that is why you are able to read this now! I know, are very excited!

Anyway, 2012 is over, the world did not end. So on top of that great news, 2012 witnessed the United State’s brewery count rise above 2,100 breweries (an increase of 442), the successful implementation of many new beer festivals, multiple brewery expansions and the creation of several new beer styles. Needless to say, it was a pretty good year for beer!

I found this video on the excellent beer news site beerpulse.com

Musings On A Banner Year for American Craft Beer

“Critics of today’s brewers miss the point that small brewers in this country are already enjoying
a generous tax advantage over larger brewers and all importers, a policy designed to open
pathways to the marketplace. In fact, the small brewers in this country are experiencing
explosive growth – their dollar sales were up 14 percent in the first half of 2012 – and they
represent the fastest growing segment within the industry, having added 442 new breweries in
2012 alone. This indicates that the craft brewing sector is doing just fine producing high-end
beer for high-income consumers, despite a sluggish economic recovery impacting hard-working,
middle class Americans.
“It’s also worth pointing out the important economic footprint that large brewers provide.
Today, the major brewers are responsible for the lion’s share of the beer industry’s $223 billion
annual contribution to our nation’s economy, helping put more than 1.8 million Americans to
work, from brewery workers to bartenders, from factory hands to farmers. We’re proud of what
major brewers have contributed to American culture, the economy and our history.
“Ultimately, it comes down to consumer choice. And with a record number of brewers in today’s
marketplace, consumers have more choice than ever before.”


2011 produced a record low number of drunk driving fatalities, hopefully 2012 continued on with that trend. http://www.beerinstitute.org/BeerInstitute/files/ccLibraryFiles/Filename/000000001331/12%2019%2012%20Record%20Low%20Drunk%20Driving%20Fatalities.pdf

For the oenophiles “The Year In Wine: Best Values Of 2012″

Enough with the past, 2013 looks to be a great year for beer as well!

Seasons 3 of A Game of Thrones can now be accompanied by “A Game of Thrones Beer” brewed by the one and only Brewery Ommegang! I cannot wait! http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/people/2012/12/20/game-of-thrones-beer-on-tap-for-season-3/1781809/

New Belgium is planing a collaboration with the phenomenal Canadian brewery Dieu du Ciel, creator of Peche Mortel and many other stellar beers. They are also bringing back the Transatlantique Kriek a collaboration with Brouwerji Boon and the Springboard, a seasonal brewed with schisandra and goji berries. I am not sure what schisandra berries are, but I will definitely try a beer made out of them! Perhaps the best news to come from New Belgium is one of distribution, they will add two states to their footprint in 2013 a cold one and a warm one! I am crossing my fingers that the warm state is Florida. http://www.newbelgium.com/community/Blog/13-01-03/Well-dang-it-s-the-new-year.aspx

I am not sure if this is particularly good news, but it is interesting… Wynkoop Brewing Company’s Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout will be sold nationwide in two-pack cans later this month. That is all I have to say about that… http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2013/01/03/bull-testicle-beer-to-be-sold-later-this-month/

High end dining is starting to recognize what beer nerds have claimed for some time. Beer is a very “food-friendly” product! http://my.news.yahoo.com/beer-high-brow-2013-trend-report-173851475.html

2013 may not be a great year for Russian beer drinkers. http://en-maktoob.news.yahoo.com/russia-restricts-sales-beer-report-153517296–sector.html

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