World Builders 2012

The 2012 World Builders fundraising drive led by the renowned author Patrick Rothfuss is back and in full swing. The World Builders fundraiser benefits Heifer International (one of the most innovative and credible charities out there where 75% of money collected actually goes to helping people). Heifer International’s mission is to end hunger, reduce poverty and help the earth. They do this by allowing people to purchase things like ducks, geese and even water buffalo to donate to needy families worldwide. This charity goes beyond mere subsistence and looks to help foster long-term solutions to hunger as well as promote environmentally sound agricultural practices. This innovative approach allows benefactors to have some idea of where their donation will actually go. Not only is Heifer International a very worthy cause in its own right, by donating through the 2012 World Builders you can win signed books, interviews with authors and other nerd swag! 2012 World Builders runs through January 18, 2013, so if you have any extra Christmas money, Heifer International is the organization to send it too. Plus, if we are lucky, Patrick Rothfuss will raise enough money through World Builders, that he will be overjoyed and get back to work on The King Killer Chronicle Day 3: The Doors of Stone!

For a more thorough explanation check out Patrick Rothfuss’s blog

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