Comedy For The Cure

Fort Myers comedian Damian Semon has been utilizing his comedic talents to do good things for the community for some time now. He has been a headliner or participant in many events around Lee County that focus on raising funds for worthy causes such as the ALS Association and Team Madison. Recently, he has combined forces with local real estate agent and bar owner Steve at Stevie B’s Waterfront Cafe in downtown Fort Myers. The cause varies but the ultimate mission does not. Comedy for the Cure is designed to offer a bit of help for some distressed families (in a variety of difficult circumstances), while providing some high quality entertainment to the residents and visitors of downtown Fort Myers. This Friday, (and presumably every Friday) the show will take place at Stevie B’s Waterfront Cafe on First Street. The show always includes local comedians (obviously Damian Semon) as well as some more recognizable acts like David Sayh. The cause is worthy, the view is great, the beer is cold and the show is hilarious. So, come check out Stevie B’s at 8pm every Friday night and help out some truly amazing people!

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