Sweetwater Brewing Company Arrives In Fort Myers!

Three of the country’s most awarded, respected and creative breweries, Sweetwater Brewing Company, Goose Island Beer Company and Green Flash Brewery have finally made it to Southwest Florida! Sweetwater Brewing Company is from Atlanta and makes absolutely fantastic beers. Green Flash is from San Diego and the same can be said about it! Goose Island is out of Chicago and produces some of the most sought after beers in the world as well as some very solid regular releases! Some of their beers you should look forward to trying in the near future include:


-Blue: Simply put, is the best blueberry beer I have ever had. It is light, crisp without any bitterness and a stellar blueberry aroma and aftertaste.

- IPA: The Sweetwater IPA is an excellent American IPA, with a lot of citrus balanced by some bready malts and highly drinkable.

- 420 Extra Pale Ale: This American Pale Ale is extremely drinkable, not overwhelmingly bitter and overall just plain good.

- Georgia Brown: This English Brown Ale is slightly sweet with a pleasant nuttiness and an American hoppy twist (Columbus, Willamette).

Sweetwater Brewing Company also produces a variety of seasonal beers such as the LowRyeder IPA, Dank Tank Series and Motorboat.

Green Flash

- West Coast IPA: This is a big and bold American IPA. It is “in your face bitter” and I love it!

- Rayon Vert: This Belgian Pale Ale is brewed with Brettanomyces, complex, delicious and a style that is not very common to the Southwest Florida market.

- Double Stout: This is one of my favorite Stouts. It is filled with dark chocolate and coffee notes and highly drinkable for an 8% beer.

Green Flash also produces some excellent special releases such as the Pallet Wrecker, Saison Diego and a Barleywine Style Ale.

Goose Island

- 312: The 312 is an excellent, highly drinkable wheat beer that will go nicely with the perpetual summer of Florida.

- IPA: A very solid quaff-able English Style IPA for those that love hops but are not “in love with hops”. Ok, that is not a fair description as the difference between an English IPA and an American IPA is more substantial than simply the amount of hops, but I really wanted to say that. Either way, it is a good beer!

- Honkers Ale: Honkers Ale is an English Bitter with a strong bready, caramel-y malt base finished by some slight citrus hop flavors.

Goose Island also makes a variety of seasonal beers such as the Mild Winter and rare beers such as the Bourbon County, Lolita and Juliette.

So, put on your tasting shoes and look for these products at your favorite retail store or beer bar soon! (Note: Goose Island will only be available on draft at a few select bars during the month of November.)

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