A Few Additions To The Street’s “10 Best Beer Investments For Your Cellar” List

Last week, TheStreet.com published a great article on cellar beers (essentially on their trade value) and listed some that should not only improve in taste with age, but demand as well. http://www.thestreet.com/story/11691895/1/10-best-beer-investments-for-your-cellar.html I agree with most of the beers on the list. However, I think the list should have been larger. Here are a few other “beer investments” to consider. Feel free to comment with your own suggestions!

1) Anything from Cantillon: Great Belgian Lambics are very hard to find in the United States and Cantillon is one of the best producers. Cantillon makes some of the world’s best beer and very little of it. Cantillon is so highly sought after in the United States, that any beer you see should be purchased immediately, regardless of price. Furthermore, Lambics are some of the world’s longest lived beers and should be a staple in every beer cellar. While anything from Cantillon is prized, their Blabaer Lambik (that is how they spell it) is one of the most desired beers on the planet!

On a side note, I have visited Cantillon. The brewery is a trip back in time. Cantillon is located in (what I see as an old barn) in the middle of Brussels. Not only do they still create their phenomenal beers the old-fashioned way, through spontaneous fermentation, but some of the equipment is over 100 years old! During my visit, I was simply given a brochure and told to explore (since I did not speak Flemish, the tour would not have been very informative). It was truly a magical experience and I was even kicked out of a room because the brewer needed it to brew some beer! For more information on Cantillon and their beers check out their website http://www.cantillon.be/br/3_1.

2) Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout: This massive Imperial Stout from Cigar City is aged with cocao nibs, vanilla beans and chilies. Aside from trading (or an often frowned upon post retail purchase), one can only acquire a Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout by attending Hunahpu’s Day, at the brewery. Hunahpu’s Day is essentially a huge party that happens to have some of the best beer in the world! Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout is great fresh but should also age very well.

3) Darkness: The highly acclaimed Minnesota brewery, Surly, is responsible for this beautiful monster. Darkness is another festival released, Imperial Stout that is a prized by many traders/collectors.

4) Goose Island King Henry: While the King Henry may not be all that rare (in certain parts of the country anyway), this English Barleywine aged in Pappy Van Winkle 23 bourbon barrels that were previously used to age Rare Bourbon County Stout is very popular with traders and should age magnificently.

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