Moving Update And Some Good Reads

I apologize for my lighter post count lately, June has proved to be an extremely busy month. In case you were wondering, I am moving to Cape Coral Florida this weekend. Saturday will be my last day at the Brown Derby International Wine Center and on Sunday I load up my Jeep with the girlfriend, the dog and my beer/wine cellar. If all goes as planned we will spend a few days in Decatur GA and visit the Brick Store Pub as well as Sweetwater Brewing Company. Then before arriving in Cape Coral, will spend a few days in Tampa where I will hopefully get the opportunity to visit Cigar City and St. Somewhere. This move should be a lot of fun and leave me with plenty to blog about. Being as I do not have a job lined up in the area at the moment, I should have plenty of time to blog about the trip too! So, you can look forward to that! Anyway, I hope your summer has started off greatly and here are a few interesting articles I have found to keep you occupied.

Beer concentrate is an interesting idea that I look forward to seeing how it develops. There are commercial products along this vein in the works as well as this interesting idea provided by the article.

Fear not, faithful readers, your intrepid beer guys have come up with a quick and dirty solution that, while far from perfect, is better than nothing. First, get yourself a can of beer mix or malt-extract from your favorite homebrew supplier. One can usually makes about 4.5 gallons of unfermented wort. If you’re moving every day, it is probably worth dividing that into smaller containers to minimize the chances of spillage on the trail.


Could toasted hops be the next trend in brewing?

How about beer made from body harvested yeast?
or beard harvested yeast?

This beer cocktail by TheBeerWench on Twitter looks delicious

The Homebrewers Association’s 2012 Best Beers in America.

To the surprise of no one, AB Inbev is looking to conclude its decade long takeover of Modelo.

Green Flash Brewing is planning to build an East Coast brewery. I think this trend will bode well for beer in Missouri, as several highly desired East Coast breweries that have previously refused to cross the Mississippi or simply skipped over Missouri, will be more interested in opening new markets in order to keep their sales up in the face of new competitors.

Craft beer is even filtering into the hotel market

How to determine the age of your Bell’s beer

And just for fun

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