Three Olives Loopy Vodka Is Excellent With Skim Milk!

I feel I must rant today because no one will believe me concerning the deliciousness of Three Olives Loopy Vodka and skim milk! I do not expect blogging about it will help me shed the image of me being crazy but I am doing it anyway! The other night, I tried this very simple mixture (Three Olives Loopy and skim milk) and everyone drinking with me agreed it was good. Still, when I mention it in public, I receive the craziest looks! Seriously, this drink is awesome! It tastes just like the milk left over after a bowl of Fruit Loops! I know vodka and milk sounds like a terrible idea(what about a White Russian, which is generally a very well respected drink?) but in this case it is a heavenly combination. I am sorry if this frivolous post wasted anyone’s time but I had to publicly admit to my love affair with this delicious cocktail. For an added twist, you might also mix the Three Olives Loopy with Rum Chata.

If you are really resistant to the vodka with milk or cream based products idea, Three Olives Loopy is also really good with Sprite or check out their website

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