Beer News And Kickstarter Action

White Labs is one of most prominent sources for brewing and wine yeast. They are also opening up a tasting room that will contain 35 rotating taps of experimental beers in Sand Diego.

Man fasts for 46 days on water and a dopplebock and is awarded beer drinker of the year title by Wynkoop Brewing Company. Congrats!

Here is an interesting article on home brewing and its relationship to other do it yourself projects.

As many of you may know, the big brewers are increasingly relying on emerging markets to move their beer. SABMiller is no different, they just posted a 3 percent rise in underlying volumes in Latin America, Africa and Asia.–sector.html

Anheuser-Busch InBev just purchased a controlling share of the Dominican Republic’s largest brewer, Cerveceria Nacional Dominica, for $1.2 billion.
A few days ago I posted a few thoughts on aging beers, here a little more information on creating a cellar.

Here are some beer related Kickstarter and Indiegogo finds you might find worth your donation. I found these through a simple search on the respective websites, there are many valuable and noteworthy causes on these sites that are worth your attention and money if you are so inclined to help! Cheers!

- Help the The Prodigal Brewery at Misty Mountain Farm expand. 6,324 Pints of Beer on the Wall

- Help Good Libations Brewing Company get started here!

- Help Rapp Brewing Company create their tasting room here.

- Help Alpine Dog Brewing Company get started in Denver.

- Help Old South Brewing Company bring more craft beer to South Carolina.

- And one from Indiegogo, help create the Halifax Brewing Cooperative.




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