Beers You Should Drink During Super Bowl XLVI

By now, I am sure you have realized that I am very fond of lists. Today I have another one for you. In case you have been living in the United States or have been hiding in a cave you are probably aware that tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday! The big game will take place in Indianapolis. The New England Patriots will be playing the New York Giants. I am not concerned with the teams playing (I am a die hard Chiefs fan) but the Super Bowl is an American holiday of sorts so the actual game is in some ways irrelevant. Fortunately both regions of the participating teams are home to some excellent breweries. Here are a few suggestions.

1) Southern Tier 2XIPA: I absolutely love this double IPA from New York. It is a little light for a Double IPA but filled with lots of piney and citrousy hops.

2) Samuel Adams Boston Lager: This classic craft beer from Boston makes perfect sense for Patriots fans.

3) Genesee Cream Ale: This light beer from New York is extremely drinkable and should appeal to American Adjunct Lager Drinkers.

4) Smuttynose Old Brown Dog Ale: Smuttynose is located in New Hampshire and very highly respected. The Old Brown Dog Ale is a solid brown ale that is not too intimidating and highly sessionable.

5) Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout: I have not had this particular beer from New York brewery Brooklyn but it is February and this Chocolate Russian Imperial Stout just looks delicious. It is pretty big clocking in at 10% abv.

6) Harpoon IPA: This Boston beer does not have a lot of hop punch for an IPA but may appeal to those looking for something closer to a pale ale. The Harpoon IPA is well balanced and delicious.

7)Hebrew Jewbelation 15: Schmaltz Brewing Company is from New York and the Jewbelation 15 is just plain excellent.

8 ) Ommegang Seduction: Ran by the great Belgian Brewery Duvel and brewed in New York. This cherry chocolate beer is excellent on its own right, appropriate for February as well as a super bowl involving the Giants!

9) Three Floyds Gumballhead: The game will be played in Indianapolis after all, why not throw back a delicious brew from Indiana? You probably will not be disappointed by anything Three Floyds makes, but the Gumballhead is especially acclaimed.

Note for readers in Missouri: Unfortunately, Three Floyds, Brooklyn, Harpoon and Smuttynose are not available in Missouri.


Here is a link to a short article on the beer scenes in New England and New York.


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