Fast Times In The Beer World! My Two Cents

Greetings! I am still around. Although most of my efforts of late have revolved around exploring Beervanna and working hard to open up Ben’s Bottle Shop in Vancouver Washington? Of which construction started today! I also have a beer blog at Ben’s Bottle Shop which updated much more often.

Speaking of Ben’s Bottle Shop, my business parter Ben and I will be attending all three sessions of the Great American Beer Fest and will be sharing our experience live (until we have too much fun and forget!) on Twitter @bensbottleshop and Instagram @bensbottleshop so feel free to follow and experience one of the great beer spectacles through our eyes!

in the larger beer world, I am sure many of you are away that AB-InBev is looking to take over SAB-Miller. While this is certainly big news, I do not see a lot changing on the streets. If the merger happens, the concessions that will have to be made to the Justice Department to make this legal will probably go to great lengths to ensure the status quo. I can see the possibility of brands such as Shock Top and Tenth and Blake being restructured or separated like a Yum Brands-Pepsi situation. But overall, I personally, think the craft segment will continue on much the same.

One merger that I can see having a serious impact on the craft beer industry, although I am not sure how yet is the purchase of 50% of Lagunitas by Heineken for me, it is more of a shock that legendary craft beer pioneer and evangelist Tony Magee would make such a deal. With that said, I congratulate him, essentially Lagunitas is going worldwide from Europe to Southeast Asia. This partnership will further the ever growing respect the United States beer industry commands worldwide. Plus, I won’t mind drinking some good West Coast hops next time I visit Singapore! Duvel’s recent purchases of Boulevard and Firestone Walker is another big move for the new global US beer!

On a related note, and this is pure speculation but I think Groupo Modelo will be the next international brewer to purchase a major U.S. Craft brewery.

one more thing just for fun… Since, I used to be in good shape and a gym rat, I tried (usually, unsuccessfully) to incorporate protein into my drinking. Well, the fine folks at Supplemental Brewing just may have created a delicious solution To this problem. I can’t wait to try their protein fortified brews and they need your help! Here is a link to their Kickstarter campaign that launches September 21

Random Beer Stuff For This Wonderful Saturday!

There are always things happening in the beer world, here are a few things you might have missed!

Perhaps the biggest recent event is the merger between Duvel Moortgat and Firestone Walker. Two of the world’s most respected brewers are now one, that is a pretty significant development. So far, I have been pretty happy with my beloved Boulevard’s transition into the Duvel Moortgat family less than two years ago. Hopefully, we can expect more of the same from this deal.

Not Your Fathers Root Beer is taking the nation by storm. While, it is not backed by a major conglomerate, I think Root Sellers‘ Hard Root Beer is the best on the market.

As a huge Simpsons fan (hence the very name of this blog), I will buy a lot of Duff Beer, whether it is good or not! I hope it comes to America soon.

For all the beer traders out there, our days of trading in the “shadows” may be over soon! Bill aims to liff ban on USPS booze shipments!

Man Up and Drink a Fruit Beer I could not agree more, love my fruit beers!

Public tickets to the Great American Beer Fest will go on-sale July 29th, they will most likely sell out quickly. If anyone reading this cares, I will be there!

Just in case anyone was wondering, my project Ben’s Bottle Shop is coming right along. In two weeks I will be moving to the Pacific Northwest. We are putting in the finishing touches on our floor plans and we received our temporary license this week! Still hoping for an opening in the late fall.





Happy 4th Of July!

I hope you all have a fantastic and safe beer driven holiday! Today is my last major event as a Floridian! If you are looking for a good time, head to downtown Fort Myers for the Freedom Fest! It starts at noon and there will be great food, great music and of course great beer outside all day! Plus, an incredible fireworks show launched from the Caloosahatchee river!


Also, a completely shameless plug, please follow my current project Ben’s Bottle Shop on Twitter @bensbottleshop, Facebook or check us out at it is going to be  a really cool store/bar, we are finalizing our layout as I write this!

Heading To Vancouver Washington!

I mentioned last week that I will soon be relocating from Fort Myers, Florida to Vancouver, Washington (USA, not British Columbia for those unfamiliar with the up and coming city across the Columbia River from Portland Oregon)! My last day as an on-premise account manager for Suncoast Beverage and Sales will be July 31st 2015. As my colleagues, clients and superiors know, my tenure at Suncoast and in Southwest Florida in general has been wonderful. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience working for one of the best wholesalers in the country and living in a phenomenal city. Still, the time has come for me to move on to bigger and better things. As I mentioned in my post last week, I am opening Ben’s Bottle Shop in Vancouver, Washington this fall. On my way there I plan to make my migration a fairly epic cross-country beer trip! if you are located between Florida and Washington state, feel free to contact me via email at or Twitter, perhaps we can grab a beer or if you have any suggestions on where I should stop, I am all ears! Please stay tuned for updates on my journey! I will need to spend a few days in Kansas City as it is my hometown, I also have a close friend in Vale Colorado so I will need to check things out near him as well. Other than that, my trip is wide open!

Ben’s Bottle Shop Coming Soon To Vancouver Washington! Great Place With Great Beer!

Greetings! This almost feels like I am returning from the dead. I know I have done a great job of making my blog live up to its name (The Worst Beer Blog Ever). For that, I am very sorry. I simply, do not have the time to give my few readers the content they deserve. On top of my absurdly time-consuming, yet rewarding career as an on-premise account manager for one of the best wholesalers in the country, I have been working on a project that will change everything. In January and opportunity with a friend I met while in graduate school in Springfield, MO literally fell into my lap. So, while I apologize for my lack of blogging (not that anyone is too concerned, haha), I believe my activities in the last two years will make up for it. As I did it all for the love of beer! So, without further ado.

In August I will relocate to the Pacific Northwest to open Ben’s Bottle Shop in Vancouver Washington!



That is right, The Beer Baron is relocating to the edge of Beervanna to open a bottle shop and tap-room. We will be located in the Garrison Square Shopping Center at 8052 East Mill Plain Blvd Vancouver, WA. Ben’s Bottle Shop will have as much world class beer we can fit/afford in our 3000sq ft location right next to the Planet Fitness. We will offer our patrons a comfortable, fun place to enjoy one of our 24 well-selected drafts and multiple cooler doors filled with the best bottles we can get our hands on! One can buy a growler of beer, a bottle of beer, wine or sake to go or post up at a bar or table and enjoy it on premises. We will also offer a small but unique and high quality food menu. Of course the details are still being worked out, but we hope to open on October 15, 2015. Please follow us on Twitter @bensbottleshop , Facebook or check out our website at I can not wait to move to the Pacific Northwest and we can not wait to see you at our shop! Here are a few artist renderings of what our place will look like very soon!

Artist rendering of Ben's Bottle Shop

Ben's Bottle Shop exterior 2

Old Soul Brewing

Greetings Florida beer nerds! This Saturday (October 11, 2014)  Old Soul Brewing will open its doors to the public for the first time from 12 to 11pm.


Saturday will be a day of fun, food and beer. The event encompass the street alongside the brewery (so you may want to bring a chair and possibly even sunscreen). The MOFOS food truck sell sumptuous bbq during the day and Doner Kebab King Karl will be slinging some incredible Turkish fare from 6 to 11pm. To really get things going the Naples based folk-rock band The Good Bad Kids will play from 6 to 10 pm.

Aside from the aforementioned food and fun this day is truly all about beer and here is Old Soul’s starting lineup

Sweetness – This is a stout brewed with such a high quality chocolate that I am not sure I can mention here. Let’s just say, the chocolate in this beer came from a very famous chocolatier in Southwest Florida…  Chocolate aside, this beer is special, pure bitter dark chocolate in liquid form. I am not kidding, this beer is special. I suggest getting there early as I am certain it will sell out.

Chai How Are You – If you like Chai-tea, you will love this American Brown Ale.

Salty Walter – How many breweries roll out with a Gose from day one? This sour, salty masterpiece will keep you festive and hydrated during those hot Florida days!

Ol Hootie – Ol Hootie is a double IPA and a pretty darn good one at that!

Yellow Cake – This sessionable shandy tastes great all year!

On top of their hand crafted ales, there will be some other interesting drink options such as Woodchuck Private Reserve Pink cider, Victory Brewing Hop Devil Nitro IPA, Big Storm Brewing Co. Firestorm Black IPA and Fat Point Brewing Jimmy Hoppa Double IPA.

Old Soul Brewing is located at

10970 S Cleveland Ave Suite 402, Fort Myers, Florida





Old Soul Brewing, S 1714, Burger With An ABV, MLB And Beer, Pandas And More!

Is Pabst Blue Ribbon a hipster beer? This one is easy, hipster all the way, good rednecks drink Busch!                                                                                                                             Hipster Beer or Redneck Beer?

It is baseball season again here is a slideshow of ten of the best MLB stadiums to enjoy craft beer.                                                                  
Heineken can’t compete with craft beer says CEO.
A burger with an actual ABV? I have never wanted a burger more in my life!                     Brewdog, Keeping It Real!
Beer names are some of the most creative in the consumer product world. Here is a quick discussion on where some of these crazy names like Victory’s “Dirt Wolf” came from.
What’s in a beer name?
SB 1714 in Florida is close to my heart as I know many of the local Fort Myers breweries personally, yet I make my livelihood by selling beer for a local distributor. Therefore I will leave my personal feelings out of this. This is a complex bill and it goes far beyond beer distributors simply “picking on the local brewer”, yet there are important ramifications to Florida’s brewing community. With that, I will leave you with a link to a few articles concerning the issue which includes comments from the Fort Myers Brewing Company and an article with Joey Redner from Cigar City Brewing. Underneath the articles is a link to a version of the bill as of 4/22/14 at 4:01pm. Feel free to express your opinions here as I am genuinely curious and hope a fair compromise will be reached. As previously mentioned, I make my living through the three-tier system and believe it provides many benefits. However, I realize there are some issues with the post prohibition system as we live in a much different world than that of the 1930′s. Decide for yourself and lobby accordingly.                                                                                                                          Big beer backed SB 1714 would ruin small breweries                                                    Cigar City Brewing’s Joey Redner On Senate Bill 1714 …                                                   S 1714 c2
Now that I have mentioned a serious issue, lets get back to the funside of beer! Drinking beer can help save this Panda!
Jim Koch claims ingesting dry yeast before drinking can help prevent drunkenness.  Neato!
Last but certainly not least, my good friends at Old Soul Brewing are diligently working to open and share their delicious beers with the world.                                                  Culinary Construction: Old Soul Brewing

Four Unexpectedly Delicious Food And Beer Pairings You Must Try!

I have recently stumbled upon a few interesting and actually very tasty beer and food combinations, that I did not expect to play so well together.

1) Bud Light Lime and Cherry Pop Tarts -

This may not seem like a huge surprise but it honestly caught me off guard. One morning while attending the Redneck Yacht Club Mud Park in Punta Gorda, Florida, as I crawled out of bed (in this case a lawn chair I was sleeping on), I was given a Cherry Pop Tart. Since I was really hungover from the night before, I needed a good breakfast beer. So, I grabbed the first beer I could get my hands on, a Bud Light Lime (which is an appropriate breakfast/pre-drinking all day beer). Quite simply, the combination of Bud Light Lime and Cherry Pop Tart caught me off guard. The Cherry Pop Tart and the Bud Light Lime blended together wonderfully, creating a pleasant cherry limeade type flavor balanced by the Pop Tart crust.

2) Southern Tier 2xIPA and malt balls from The Fresh Market.

While enjoying one of my favorite beers, the Southern Tier 2xIPA, and watching the Kansas City Chiefs play a few months ago, I popped a couple of malt balls in my mouth and took a big swig of my beer. I have not been the same since, this was an awesome combination. Somehow, the bitter, piney, grape-fruity goodness from the 2xIPA combined with the chocolaty, maltiness from the candy to create a unique almost cherry like flavor. You will just have to test it out for yourself, all I can tell you is we did not have any malt balls left after that discovery!

3) Dogfish Head Festina Peche and red velvet cake

There is not much of a story here, I love Berliner Weisse (especially the Festina Peche) and I love red velvet cake. So, one day I ate some red velvet cake while drinking a Festina Peche. While I did not expect them to pair so nicely, I am forever glad they did. The sour fruitiness from the Festina Peche cut into the rich red velvet cake and blended in to provide a fruity, creamy cheesy, chocolaty sensation.

4) George’s Salsa and The Bruery Windowsill

George’s is a magical little restaurant in Springfield Missouri, they are cheap open very late and serve up the best damn salsa on the planet. This salsa is almost beyond words, it is very hot, yet sweet and just plain delicious. On my last trip up to Springfield, I packed 4 bottles of Georg’es Salsa in my checked bag. While hanging out at Old Soul Brewing Company and eating the delicious salsa, a buddy opened up a Windowsill from The Bruery. The spicy, sweet heat of the salsa plus the sour, raspberry notes of the Windowsill provided a heavenly gastronomic experience.

Great News For Craft Beer In Fort Myers!

Yes, this really is likely to be the worst beer blog ever (at least I was accurate with the name right?) as it has been embarrassingly long since I last posted. Unfortunately, my job as an on-premise account manager for a beer distributor in the Fort Myers area is very demanding but it pays the bills a little more effectively than blogging. I just wanted to let everyone know I am still around and still very much involved in the beer world.

Speaking of which, Fort Myers will soon find itself on the craft beer map as a lot of great things are happening in the Southwest Florida beer world. Here a just a few examples.  Fort Myers Brewing Company , in the Gateway region of Fort Myers, is still going strong with a lineup of tasty brews and a different food truck outside nearly every day! Point Ybel Brewing Company will celebrate their grand opening this Saturday December 14th. I have not yet tried anything from Point Ybel Brewing Company, but I have heard they make some excellent beer. House of Brewz just opened up a few weeks ago in the Gulf Coast Town Center and will soon include Bury Me Brewing alongside 150 taps and excellent food! Fat Point Brewing in Punta Gorda will be in operation soon. Naples Beach Brewery is alive and well and it is an outright tragedy that I have not yet found the time to pay them a visit. Big Storm Brewery in Tampa makes its Fort Myers debut on Friday at World of Beer. Another brewery to look out for in the near future is Old Soul Brewing Company, I know these guys pretty well and they make some excellent beer. I believe that the biggest beer nerds and the novice enthusiast will be surprised by the unique styles Old Soul Brewing Company will roll out with. You will hear of Old Soul Brewing Company soon!

Zombicon, Mmmhops, Beer In Space, KCCO Black Lager,

I have returned to the blogging world! I am sorry for my embarrassing lack of postings, I truly am. It is simply difficult as an on-premise account manager in a very dynamic and exciting area. I love the job, industry and my company, but it is a great deal of work. I know I have said this before, but I do plan on being a much more active webmaster from here on out. Regardless, here are some interesting things I have discovered recently, some of them are old news, still enjoy!

First and foremost, next Saturday, October 19th Downtown Fort Myers is hosting ZombiCon 2013! This is one of the largest zombie themed events in the world! Words can not really describe it. There will be street performers, 15 bands on 4 stages, zombie make-up stations and LOTS of beer! Best of all, the profits go to the non-profit organization Pushing Daizies

Oscar Blues Brewery is the first craft brewer to sponsor a Nascar car.

When the government is not operating, beer labels can not get approved, if beer labels are not approved, new beers can not be produced. Bummer.

Beer in space?

This is pretty darn cool. Turn your beer bottle into a glass cup in five easy steps.

Way back in 2011 I wrote an article on the upcoming beer by Hanson Mmmhops… (I love how I did not even get the name right). It is evident  by the tone and the title of the article, I was not thrilled about the idea. The beer has been on the market (somewhere) since March. The years (all two of them), since writing my original post, have softened my heart on this subject and I would actually like to try this beer. When I see one, I will purchase a bottle or six and write up a fair review. In the meantime here is an article from The Daily Beast on Mmmhops, that fails to actually talk about the taste of the beer Hanson Got Me Drunk on Their New Beer, Mmmhops (Really) and a little (but not much) more detailed review from Omnivore Drinking Hanson’s beer, Mmmhops, with Hanson

Sold! Where do I find them!? Birthday Cake M&Ms Are Coming So You Can Have Your Cake And Eat Your Candy, Too

As a big fan of I feel obligated to post a review of the Stone Farking Wheaton w00tStout from RateBeer Weekly considering it is a collaboration between Stone Brewing Company and an awesome website, I am sure it is delicious and can not wait to get my hands on a bottle, or three.

Speaking of online celebrity collaborations, I can not wait to sell/drink the KCCO Black Lager brought to you by The Chive, Resignation Brewery and Redhook!

Considering that I am a huge “hop head” and believe there are an abundance of sweet strong or lightly hopped session beers available, I do not see a problem with hops being the glamour ingredient and often focus of craft beer. Still, the hopcentric attitude of many craft brewers might alienate future enthusiasts, Against Hoppy Beer

While my article is horribly outdated by now, it is good to see some people have taken taken up the good fight Top 10 Baseball Stadiums for Craft Beer